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Brome Hill is the home for whatever is on my mind. I am an old farm boy and former reporter and editor at newspapers in Iowa, North Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota and Idaho. My interests include reading, writing, bicycling and current events. The name Brome Hill comes from a field on the farm where I grew up in Lucas County, Iowa. Go here to read more about it.


4 thoughts on “My Blog

  • Lucas County? My mother grew up in Lucas. Back in the ’50s, there was some thought that we might move to families cow-calf operation down there and keep the cattle feeding in NE Iowa. It didn’t happen, but over the years I’ve visited the miners’ museum and Lucas County backroads.

  • Another old — er, former — editor! And from Iowa, at that. My mother and grandmother were from Cedar Rapids. Pleasure to meet you. Thanks for following my blog. I’d follow back, but I normally do so by email and don’t see a place to sign up. Maybe I just need another cup of coffee …

    • Thanks, Susan. I was looking at your blog earlier. It’s very good and I’m pretty sure I’ll be borrowing some ideas from you. My blog is set up to show four posts at a time. If you scroll down to the bottom of those four posts, you should find a place to subscribe by email. I’d be very pleased to have you as a reader. Chris.

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