Monday-morning update

When it comes to succeeding at this team weight-loss challenge at the Muscatine Community Y, I suppose the scale is all that really matters. It’s the TV show, “Celebrity Fit Club” on VH1, I think, where they always say: “The scale doesn’t lie.”

So, I report, the somewhat depressing news: For the first week, I lost a half pound. Argh.

I’d get really bugged about that if not for my belief that there are better measurements than a scale. I’ll know I’m succeeding when some clothes begin to fit again. And I know that will happen if I just stick to my eating plan and think long term. One week doesn’t mean much.

When it comes to eating better, I had a good first week except for the dessert-judging contest I had previously agreed to do on Saturday. Even then, I’m sure I didnt’ sample as much dessert as I would have if I wasn’t in this contest. I also had a really good first week of excercise.

Other highlights from Sunday included:

* Going to a church service. Somehow, I think this has to be a part of long-term success at living healthier, losing weight and then keeping it off.

* Spending a couple of hours looking after the 3-year-old twins of some friends. It was a good time.

On to Week No. 2.

From around the Web:

Heartbreaking result; awesome photo.

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