An update

On Jan. 4, three friends and I teamed up to compete in the Muscatine Community Y’s weight-loss contest, the Y’s Weigh.

I’ve heard stories of someone on another team who lost 19 pounds in the first week. One of my teammates has lost about 25 pounds since the contest began.

When I last weighed, I had lost about 11 pounds. Slow, but steady, I guess. There is another month to go in the contest. I’d be happy to lose another 10 pounds by then. I’m really hoping to use the two months to get back into some good habits, so that I can lose 60 pounds by July 25, when RAGBRAI begins in Sioux City.

My habits were definitely improved in January. I even cut back on drinking.

When it comes to exercise, I worked out 32.6 hours in January, only missing four days, but working out at least twice on nine days.

During my workouts in January, according to the heart-rate monitor I was wearing, I burned 24,569 calories, which is equal to about 7 pounds.

On to February.

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