Plugging ahead in 2011

Some perspective may be required today.

You see, I weighed in this morning — the midpoint for an 18-week weight-loss contest I entered on Nov. 1 at the Muscatine Community Y. The good news is I’ve lost some weight. The bad news is I have only lost 8 pounds. That’s equal to about a pound a week.

I was disappointed. But then I stopped to think about it. That’s 8 pounds lost during the holidays — a time of year when many people gain weight. And it would have been very easy for me to gain 8 pounds over the holidays. I’ve gained more than that in past years.

A pound per week would equal 52 pounds over an entire year. Who wouldn’t be happy to lose 52 pounds?

So I will keep plugging ahead. I’ll watch what I eat more closely, work out even more and maybe drink a little less.

But if, like me, you need some inspiration, read this story. Who wouldn’t want to look like that at 69 — or 93. Unbelievable.

One thought on “Plugging ahead in 2011

  • Your clothes are fitting better. The weigh-in is required for the contest, but I tell you, from looking at you, it looks like you have lost a lot more than 8 lbs.

    Numbers are necessary for the contest, and I know I have said this before-go by how you feel and how your clothes are fitting. I think both of those things are going well for you!!!

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