The search for respectable employment begins

The sun will come up tomorrow.

And, like most days, I expect to be up first.

There will, however, be one very big change: I won’t be the editor of a community newspaper. Nor will I even be employed by a community newspaper — yet another victim of expense cuts, I was told.

And for the first time since boyhood,  I won’t have a job, or a class or anything else where my presence will be expected. I’m not sure what I’ll do with myself.

Well, that’s not entirely true. I told my now-former boss I would meet him first thing Tuesday to clean out my office. And then I volunteered to teach a cycling class at 9:10 a.m. at the Muscatine Community Y. I don’t want to hide at home and mope.

Beyond that? I don’t have any idea.

The prospect of being 45 and unemployed scares the hell out of me. But I appreciate the many kind things I have heard from the many friends who have called, texted,  tweeted and commented on Facebook.

I guess it’s long past time to grow up and seek a real job. This has just forced me to do it sooner than I would have otherwise. While things seem very uncertain and scary, that now-former boss has likely done me a favor.  And he may very well be worse off than me. I like him and I wish him luck.

As for anyone who might see this — if you liked what I used to write in the newspaper, I will probably do it here for a while.  Writing has always been the way I could say what I really felt. It’s been a way for me to make sense of what happened around me and there will be much to wrestle with in the weeks and months to come.

Who knows? I may even use this blog to scoop that old newspaper from time to time.  How hard could it be? After all, it only took them 10 hours to report what was easily the biggest news to happen today to me.