Rushing to try something new

Interactivity is the whole point of the Internet, right? With that in mind, I thought an experiment was in order.

By now everyone has to have heard about the challenges Rush Limbaugh finds himself facing.

I can’t help but wonder: Did he ever have sex with any of the four women with whom he has been married? And if so, wouldn’t they be sluts, too, if they used contraceptives, which seems likely since there are no little El Rushbos running around. (And isn’t that quite a thought?)

Anyway, give this a try if you want. If there is enough response, maybe there will be more polls in the future.

3 thoughts on “Rushing to try something new

  • …my answer is not there…but I am concerned that he will just get different advertisers on board and continue with his vitriol…and with little or no consequences for his ugly remarks and behavior.
    I will choose the answer that is closest to mine.

  • Either way, the man should also understand that not all women are on contraceptives for sexual freedom. For a media person, he should get all of the facts before spewing false information. Just my though. ~Kathy J.

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