Community helps in many ways at MCSA

Executive Director Maggie Curry gave a tour Thursday at MCSA to students from Muscatine Community College.

For a dozen years as a newspaper editor, readers often told me: You never publish any good news.

I always said: Well, yes, we do. In fact, there may be more good news than bad. But, as Johnny Cash, said: Bad news travels like wildfire; good news travels slow.

And I always believed that. I guess I still do.

Updated: I left today for lunch and came back to find this box of bananas had been donated, along with the three pizzas on the counter in the background. It’s amazing, very needed and truly appreciated.

But one week at Muscatine Center for Social Action opened my eyes to how much good happens that goes unreported. There wasn’t a day last week when someone didn’t donate:

  • Pizzas that didn’t get sold.
  • A birthday cake for one of the residents in the men’s dorm.
  • Barbecue pork and baked beans in slow-cookers brought in by members of a church in Wilton.
  • Ham and turkey sandwiches leftover from a political campaign event.

If last week is a good indication, this sort of good news happens so often that it would be difficult for the newspaper or TV station to find enough time and space to report all of it. But it’s reaffirming to see firsthand just how much support area residents give to the residents at MCSA. It is VERY appreciated.

See for yourself: The best way to learn about MCSA is to see it with your own eyes. Executive Director Maggie Curry gave tours last week to two classes of students from Muscatine Community College. The students asked some great questions AND some of them expressed interest in volunteering at MCSA.

If you would like to take a tour, volunteer or make a donation, all you need to do is call 563-264-3278.

When it comes to donations, cash will always be good. But other items MCSA needs include:

Food: Meals-in-a-can such as ravioli or beef stew, tuna, coffee, popcorn, peanut butter.
Personal: Towels/wash cloths, socks for men and women, thermal underwear (L-XXL), razors and shaving cream, deodorant, laundry soap, men’s gloves (L-XXL), shampoo and conditioner, body sprays, Chapstick.
Extras: New twin mattresses, crib sheets, all-occasion cards, alarm clocks, dish soap, box fans, disposable plates/bowls/cups/spoons/forks, ink pens, microwaves, pillows, hangers, garbage bags, disinfectant spray and wipes, kitchen towels, antibacterial soap, Kleenex, can openers, sandwich bags, dehumidifiers and waste baskets.
Other: White-Out, Post-it Notes, Scotch tape, notebooks, postage stamps, gift cards in $5 or $10 increments, phone cards, gas cards, etc.

3 thoughts on “Community helps in many ways at MCSA

  • Chris, I’m so glad you’re continuing to blog, and especially the good news about MCSA. I didn’t know anything about them when we were in Muscatine, and I’ll bet your other blog readers are hearing for the first time about the good they do. Thanks.

  • My exact thoughts: your hiring might be the best thing that ever happened to MCSA, and the neediest of our Muscatinians!
    BTW – Friday? On or off? 🙂

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