Some thoughts about going back to work

The new job at Muscatine Center for Social Action is keeping me busy — and not really active as of late on Brome Hill. But I do not intend to give up this blog.

FROM THE LEFT: Cindy and Doyle Tubandt joined Vivian Jardim and her son, Jonathan Tuesday night at the Muscatine Center for Social Action Letter-A-Thon. Doyle and Vivian are MCSA board members.

If you’re interested, please read about one of the things that has been keeping me busy at MCSA. Yes, I will be blogging some on the MCSA website and posting stuff on its Facebook page. Please check ’em out.

A co-worker asked me the other day what had surprised me the most about working at MCSA. That’s a question for which the answer could change every day.

But it did dawn on me this morning that:

  • Every night, I climb into bed earlier than ever and I’m absolutely beat.
  • I no longer wake up in the morning wondering who is going to be first to growl at me about something.

So far, it’s been a great place to work. I’m having a lot of fun. But somewhere in my schedule I’ll find a little more time to give Brome Hill some attention.

Thank you for reading and for your patience as everything settles.

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