How does a caterpillar eat a leaf?


The horoscope in my Twitter feed was so cool today I decided to post it here. If for no other reason, at least I can find it again in the future for reinforcement. It also fits with something that was painted on the wall behind the desk in my office long before I moved into the office at MCSA.

I don’t really buy into the whole horoscope thing, but if you were wondering, I am a Scorpio.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013 – You may be redefining who you are now and what’s most significant to you as attractive Venus aligns with your key planet, Pluto. Even if you feel more like a caterpillar on a leaf, you’re in the process of magically morphing into a magnificent butterfly. Once you start stretching your wings, you will be well on your way to flying. Remember, anything is possible once you believe in yourself.

Personally, when it comes to this sort of thing, I’ve always liked the old John Anderson song, I’m Just an Old Chunk of Coal. But maybe caterpillar on a leaf is a better analogy.

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