Reasons to like Muscatine

Freshly laundered shirts at Grandma’s Lost Button shop in downtown Muscatine.

Back in my newspaper days, this is what we would have called a follow-up.

Tuesday, we held an open house at MCSA, where I work as deputy director. And I’ll have more to say later today or Thursday about the open house after I’ve had some time to sort through photos.

But because we were expecting guests, I dressed up a bit and wore a relatively new sport coat to work. When I arrived at work and took off the jacket to hang it on the back of my office door, a button came off.

Claire Martin
Claire Martin

And I couldn’t have that. Not with company coming. But I don’t know how to sew.

So I walked down to Grandma’s Lost Button at 209 W. Second St. Owner Claire Martin fixed me up in no time — free of charge. (And then people ask why I live in Muscatine.) As you can see, I have written about her shop before.

But the button is not the end of today’s story. Martin mentioned that she has added a laundry service at her shop. For $2.50 per shirt, she said, she would launder and iron my dress shirts. Since ironing is something else I have never mastered and because her shop is within easy walking distance from my office, there is a very good chance she will get to care for some of my better shirts.

This is really good news. Downtown Muscatine is a happening place. But the excitement isn’t limited to just downtown.

Ginger honey tea
Ginger honey tea

I ate lunch Tuesday at Yacky Shack, which has been a favorite place ever since it opened. I was disappointed  when they closed the downtown restaurant and wondered if they’d ever get the new location open. But now that they have, it was worth the wait.

I had the tempura shrimp, zucchini, sweet potatoes and green beans. It may have been the best thing I have eaten at Yacky Shack. The ginger honey tea was also great.

It surprised me recently to discover how good the sushi is at the Muscatine Hy-Vee. And now that there is tempura in Muscatine that is this good … these are things that would have been unimaginable seven years ago when I moved here.

It’s very good news, indeed.

Shrimp tempura at Yacky Shack in Muscatine.
Shrimp tempura at Yacky Shack in Muscatine.

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