A rainy and cold day means it’s time for beef stew

As I sit here, it’s 49 degrees and dark in northeast Iowa. Sunrise is still two hours away.

There is plenty to dislike about this time of year. For me, turning the clocks back an hour, which we will do on Nov. 1, tops the list of dislikes. It will mean driving to work in the dark and coming home in the dark. I don’t like it.

But there is also much to like about this time of year. It rained here much of Sunday afternoon. It was dreary. But it was a perfect day to watch football, which is what we did. And the Chicago Bears even won. It was a good afternoon for a nap, which I did. And it was a good day to make a pot of beef stew, which I did.

We haven’t eaten any of the beef stew yet. Oh, no. This isn’t our first rodeo.

Last year at Thanksgiving, we bought an Instant Pot. We also bought an Instant Pot cookbook, which, on page 182, includes a really good recipe for beef stew. We made it often enough last year to learn that the stew improves after sitting overnight in the refrigerator.

So I made parmesan spinach orzo for dinner, which was really good. A keeper that we’ll be eating again soon. And then I cleaned the kitchen and made the beef stew for tonight. Have I mentioned how much I like knowing 12 hours in advance what we’ll have for dinner and that neither one of us will have to come home from work to cook? I feel like it has given me a head start on the day.

In fact, I feel so good about this that I’m wondering if we should work on my organizational skills enough to spend Sunday afternoons fixing meals in advance for an entire week. We have a freezer. We have an Instant Pot. I think we have three crockpots. The only thing slowing down this plan is me.

It’s something to think about. We live in a world in which everything seems out of control. I like the idea of trying to become better organized and taking more control of at least one part of life. There’s not much I can do to eliminate COVID-19. I can’t make the president of the United States pay his taxes. But I could know what is for dinner on Thursday if I had planned and worked ahead yesterday.

Maybe I’ll look for a book to address this idea. Someone somewhere must have written a book about weekly or monthly meal planning and prepping using an Instant Pot. That may be another idea for a different day.

The clock says it’s time to get going on this Monday morning. I hope you have a great week. Thanks for stopping by. And be safe.

3 thoughts on “A rainy and cold day means it’s time for beef stew

  • Good food makes everything better. Soups and stews, accompanied by warm bread, will soon be appearing regularly in our household. I live in Michigan where the gloom of winter hangs on well into spring. Yesterday, I read an article in the Guardian about how Norwegians embrace their days of darkness. I’m going to try to think like a Norwegian this year. You might want to google it. Bon appétit!

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