Have a doggone merry #$@&% Christmas


To: Some of my neighbors (and you know who you are)

From: The Grouchy Old Man at Brome Hill

Re: Responsible citizenship.

snow shovelingAs I write this, it is Saturday night. That means the snow you still haven’t shoveled from your sidewalks fell nearly 60 hours ago.

This begs the question: What in the world have you been doing since Thursday anyway?

I know what you haven’t been doing: SHOVELING SNOW.


And by now, it’s packed down and iced over on your sidewalks. I know this because I just finished walking on them while taking the dog out for his nightly business.

The experience has left me with an idea. For the rest of the winter, when Barley stops to make his nightly doggie deposit, I’m thinking about leaving it there if it’s in a yard where the sidewalk hasn’t been shoveled.

Yes, I know two wrongs don’t make a right. But for some reason, in this instance, it just seems like the right thing to do.

That is all.

Now go get to shoveling.

And if you ignore this request, I hope Santa brings you a lump of … coal.