What do John Lennon and Justin Bieber have in common?


Early in my newspaper career, I worked with a reporter who couldn’t name the four members of the Beatles. For you youngsters, the Beatles were John, Paul, George and Ringo. And it matters the order in which you list their names.

Even earlier, I worked for an editor who couldn’t have picked MC Hammer out of a police lineup.

Fast-forward to today.

Even though he doesn’t call them Hammer pants, a friend said the other day her son has started wearing pants like those made popular by MC Hammer in 1990. Apparently, you can still touch this.

And I know a young teen who recently watched Ferris Bueller’s Day Off for the first time. He liked it, I think. And after thinking it over, it makes sense that he hadn’t seen a movie that was made 30 years ago.

Here’s what makes no sense: Wasn’t it 1990 just a day or two ago and 1986 a day or two beyond that?

The fact that time passes so quickly may explain why I know the words to Lionel Richie’s Say You, Say Me (Title Song from White Nights), which topped the Billboard charts 30 years ago this week. But to add insult to injury, I just took a look at the Billboard Top 10 for Jan. 23, 2016. I’ve never heard of five of the artists with songs in the Top 10. And I’ve only heard one of the 10 songs.

All I can say is: Hello, 2016. When did I become the old guy who couldn’t pick twenty one pilots out of a police lineup?

But with age comes perspective that tells me the kids who are again wearing Hammer pants will shake their heads 30 years from now when they see kids getting their hair cut just like Justin Bieber does today.


On a serious note, I am a fan of Seth Godin, an American author, entrepreneur, marketer and public speaker. His thoughts Wednesday on resilience are worth remembering.


Since I didn’t win a $1.6 billion Powerball jackpot Wednesday night, the time has come to end this and go earn enough today to keep the bulldog fed.

Make your day a good one.