The need for MCSA is as great as ever

MCSA LogoThe Muscatine Journal has agreed to publish a column on the second Wednesday of each month that I am writing for MCSA. The columns will address issues such as homelessness and poverty while also reporting about things that happen at MCSA.

Here is part of the second column, which was published on Wednesday, Feb. 12.

The past few months have been busy at Muscatine Center for Social Action, which has been in the news for adding the MCSA Domestic Violence Shelter to the services it provides in Muscatine.

When Family Resources Inc. of Davenport announced plans in October to close the Domestic Violence Shelter by the end of the year, pairing it with MCSA seemed like a logical way to keep it open. Many people in the community, led by Susan Cory, began working to make it happen. The MCSA Board of Directors could also see the need for keeping the Domestic Violence Shelter open and held vigorous discussions to find a way that would help save it without weakening MCSA. To read more go here.