Off to a slow start

Musical accompaniment for today’s post.

Editor’s note: Computer and Internet connection problems have gummed up the word flow, so today’s offering¬†will be brief. And it’s just as well. Tomorrow is going to be an important day around here with a big celebration for which work is already well underway. There will be much more to say about this on Friday and maybe even Saturday. Stay tuned.

Long Branch Saloon

When it comes to bicycling, the wind is your friend because it makes you stronger.

At least that’s what I kept telling myself Wednesday evening.

The Melon City Bike Club held its first official Wednesday night dinner ride of the season, biking from Harper’s Cycling & Fitness to Kitty’s Long Branch Saloon in Atalissa. On the first and third Wednesdays of the months in bicycling season, many of the club’s members ride to a nearby town, eat and socialize at a restaurant or bar and then Harper’s hauls the bikes and riders home.

The departure time from Harper’s was 6 p.m., which I couldn’t make. So I loaded my bike and drove to Atalissa, unloaded the bike and started riding back to Muscatine with the goal of meeting everyone else, turning around and riding back with the group to Atalissa.

This plan worked fine except for one thing: The wind.

My friends who left from Muscatine biked most of the way with a tailwind. That meant that I rode against the wind until I met up with them and then turned around. But it wasn’t too bad. Plus,¬†it is was good practice. RAGBRAI will be here in 93 days and you never get to ride all of it without facing some headwind.

And the cheeseburger at Kitty’s made the extra effort worth it. I highly recommend it.

That’s going to have to do for today. There will be more here tomorrow. Please come back.

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