Discovering new music from 2011

LeAnnLadyGentlemanIt’s true — I don’t listen to a lot of commercial country radio.

The upside to Pandora or Spotify is you can listen to hours of music you like and never hear a commercial. And it all can be music by artists you’ve sung along with for years.

But by doing this you can also miss out on newer music, which may be why I’d never heard Lady & Gentlemen, the album Leann Rimes released more than two years ago.

I’ve been making up for lost time for the past several days by listening to it repeatedly. I really like this cover of an old Wayon Jennings song.

The irony of it all is I’d probably not hear much of this album on a commercial  country radio station anyway since only this song cracked the Top 40. Maybe she should have done every song on the album as a duet with some of these dudes.

It’d be the closest some of them have ever come to a country song. And yet their songs get played on country radio stations all of the time. It’s enough to make me Blue, too.