Welcome to some new readers; So who do you like for president?

Thanks to #MuskieNation on Twitter and the story posted here last night, the audience for Brome Hill seems to have grown a bit.

And that has prompted me to make sure something gets posted today. I should have done it sooner.

For now, I’ll offer up this photo, which a friend sent to me this morning. It’s from the Round Rock Leader in Round Rock, Texas. Round Rock is a city of about 100,000 people in the Austin metro area, according to Wikipedia. It is the hometown to the international headquarters for Dell computers.

The Leader is a weekly newspaper, I think. The reader poll is amusing. For starters, it’s not the sort of thing normally posed as a yes-no question. But doing so illustrates the frustration many Americans may feel with both candidates. I’d say it’s about right that 44 percent of voters like either President Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. And that 56 percent of voters don’t like either one of them.

So, I’ll pose the question today in a Brome Hill poll.

If you’re new to this little blog, please come back. Maybe I’ll find some more stuff to post later.

Speaking of #MuskieNation, I see the Muscatine Journal is planning a story for tomorrow’s newspaper on this aspect of this year’s Muscatine High School homecoming. I mention this, just in case, you know, there is anyone out there who doesn’t already know about #MuskieNation.