After 8 months, remember to remain vigilant

So far, anxiety has been the worst COVID-19 affliction suffered in these parts.

We’ve been very fortunate. The anxiety was bad enough.

In the past two weeks, we had reason to think some members of our family may have been exposed to the virus that has killed nearly 180,000 Americans in the past eight months and inflicted 5.7 million. One of our tribe even experienced what we thought were some symptoms — enough so to get an immediate test at urgent care. A day or so later, the test came back negative. For now, I’m relieved to report that all four of us have tested negative. But I can also admit the few days of waiting for those results gave me plenty of time to pray and try hard not to worry too much. The latter was challenging.

Don’t get me started on having a swab stuck that far into my nasal cavity.

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