Random Sunday thoughts

Who knew I’d find willpower buried deep in me while in one of my favorite Muscatine bars on a Saturday night?

I stopped in at the Brew around 9 p.m. to make an appearance at Dave Moody’s 40th birthday party. He’d invited lots of people with the promise of free beer and pizza. They make pretty good bar pizza at the Brew. And a big crowd didn’t show up for Moody’s party. I could have eaten a pizza by myself. There would have been enough. But I had already fixed and eaten dinner — a pretty healthy dinner at that. So I took a pass on the pizza. I did drink two glasses of beer, but I more than sweat that out today.

I don’t expect everyone to understand that, but my not eating any of that pizza is a sign of progress. It actually was a show of some discipline.

Today on the Web:

Yesterday, I commented on how the New Yorks Times often stretches a little too far in identifying trends. This morning, insiders from the Times are making the same lament at nytpick.com.

Matt Richtel’s page-one story about cell-phone talking-and-walking accidents may be a little short on the tangible evidence — the only hard numbers he’s got report 1,000 pedestrians visiting emergency rooms for such accidents in 2008.

Constrast that to a NYT story back in May — buried on page 7 of Science Times — that reported 86,000 emergency room visits last year by people who tripped over their pet!

But it’s a bona fide trend. How do we know? Simple. According to the expert Richtel quotes, it’s “the tip of the iceberg”!

Yes, that classic cliche — “the tip of the iceberg.” Where would lazy reporters be without it?

Go here if you’d like to read more.

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