Ours is not to question why — BS.

Dear God:

Before writing this, I spent an hour in the swimming pool, came home, ate some dinner and drank a beer. It improved my mood, but to be honest, I’m still a little upset.

Life isn’t always fair. I get it.

I’m just a simple man who is not yet ready to grasp Your infinite wisdom and plans for all of us. I can accept that even though no one would label me a good Christian. Some might not even call me a good person. I have many flaws and I’m struggling to overcome them.

But until my dying day I will never understand how you can let things like an earthquake in Haiti happen. And as horrific as that is, it is beginning to feel to this middle-aged news guy as if we’re drowning in bad news.

Please forgive my anger and brashness, but why does someone like Gayle Christenson, a good woman and an even better friend, have to die at age 54?

And while I’m asking questions, why would you allow such unspeakable things to happen to an 18-month-old boy?

If these two isolated incidents hadn’t happened within a week of each other, I might not be asking these questions. But I really don’t get it. And I’m feeling worn down by the bad news.

One thought on “Ours is not to question why — BS.

  • Chris,

    hang in there bud, I might not always agree with your opinion, but I value it and would defend that right, (actually I guess my military service did defend it)

    Bad news is never easy or pleasant but is a part of life. Simply put, we must accept the bad along with the good in life.

    Hang tight

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