Late to the Ines Sainz party

I don’t want to be the last blogger on the planet to post a photo of Ines Sainz.

It seems unlikely there could be ANYTHING else to say about her that someone else hasn’t already said.

Here is what I think about Ines — in the trendy Top 5 web format:

1. She’s hot. But so what? Lots of TV reporters — especially female reporters — are hired as much for their looks as they are for anything else.

2. Regardless of gender, reporters don’t belong in locker rooms.

3. She can wear to work whatever she wants and whatever her bosses will allow. I have sent young reporters  and interns home, however, who have come to work dressed a lot like this. And I have not hired a couple of pretty good candidates who came to interviews dressed about like this.

4. Regardless of everything I’ve said so far, is it expecting too much to think professional athletes could act professional and not drag their knuckles on the ground merely at the sight of an attractive female? For example, here is what Redskins running back Clinton Portis had to say:

“And I mean, you put a woman and you give her a choice of 53 athletes, somebody got to be appealing to her. You know, somebody got to spark her interest, or she’s gonna want somebody. I don’t know what kind of woman won’t, if you get to go and look at 53 men’s packages. And you’re just sitting here, saying ‘Oh, none of this is attractive to me.’ I know you’re doing a job, but at the same time, the same way I’m gonna cut my eye if I see somebody worth talking to, I’m sure they do the same thing.”


5. Let’s move on to worrying about problems that are really important.

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