Just another WordPress post from Muscatine

The six people who are maybe reading these ramblings have probably figured out I can’t settle on how this should look. WordPress, it turns out, has many themes from which to choose and most of them can be customized, too.

I like the themes that allow me to use my own photos in the header. I shot this photo of my friend, Charlie Harper, and some of his grandchildren at the July 4 parade in Muscatine in 2009 . The Harpers own a bike shop in Muscatine and ride the penny-farthings in many area parades.

This was near the end of the parade route near the Muscatine Journal, where I work. I bike this street nearly every day on my way to work and then back home.

In case you’ve been wondering, this post has been brought to you, at least in part, by my best friend, Sam. Yes, he woke me up again in the middle of the night. And now I’m wide awake while he sleeps.

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