A real pain in the butt


Forgive me for grumbling, but it’s been the kind of day when the damn car wouldn’t start AND it had a flat tire.

So I’m a little slow in tending to the blog. Like I said, please forgive me for grumbling. But also please allow me to continue …

It just could be that I’m slow today because I’m sore enough to make walking fast out of the question. To be direct: My butt hurts. (And, yes, I’m posting this picture in a blatant attempt to attract readers. Besides, no one wants to see my butt.)

If you didn’t know, the  gluteus maximus is the human body’s biggest muscle. And I feel every ounce of mine today after doing squats Thursday at the Muscatine Community Y with much heavier weights than normal.

… Thank you for waiting a bit longer to receive this blog post. I just took a 15-minute walk to see if I could loosen up some. It helped a little, but not much.

But I did set the goal of eating better and lifting weights more often and with heavier weights. So I have no one else but myself to blame. And the soreness shouldn’t last forever anyway.




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