Thanksgiving Day

This was my plate today at the Holiday Inn, where we went for its Thanksgiving Day dinner. Add to this a pretty small dessert thing.  Didn’t even go back for seconds. But I have to say I’m reminded again how much I like sweet potatoes. Should definitely eat them more often.

I’m attributing today’s burst of willpower to the Pilates classes I’ve been attending. Those are so hard that all I have to do when I’m tempted to eat too much is remember how impossible it is for me to do things like this, which I will never be able to do.

The Pilates and other things I’ve been doing are helping, I think. Several people have told me it looks like I’ve lost weight. And I have. But not that much — maybe 30 pounds in the past three months (and only about 10-12 since the weight-loss challenge I’m in started at the Muscatine Community Y.) 

What’s amazing is how my clothes fit. I’ve started wearing jeans that are two and three sizes smaller than what I had been wearing. I’ve been wearing jackets I haven’t worn for at least the past 2-3 years. And that also makes it easier to not go hot wild at the Thanksgiving Day buffet.

Back to the Y tomorrow.

One thought on “Thanksgiving Day

  • Don’t say “only” 30 lbs, Chris – remember Oprah’s lard-in-a-wagon one of the times she lost weight? Just think of 30 lbs of lard, and you’ll realize that’s an accomplishment?
    Sweet potatoes are good for you in so many ways…and just baked with a little S & P is delicious! (Unfortunately, my sister used canned ones for Thanksgiving, then added a whole bunch of butter and brown sugar. Blecchh!!)

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