The return of The Quick Hit

A somewhat regular feature I usually wrote in that old newspaper, along with contributions from a few readers, was something I called Quick Hits. The goal was to state an opinion in up to 100 words.

Reaction to this feature was varied:

1. Many readers told me in person and by email how much they liked the Quick Hits because they were short and could be read quickly.

2. Contest judges annually praised the Quick Hits for what they added to the newspaper’s Opinion page.

3. And then there were a handful of the nattering nabobs of negativism, otherwise known as the readers who were allowed to post anonymous online comments. Some of them were critical of the Quick Hit concept. Others criticized the opinions expressed. (It’s worth pointing out that two or three of these readers snickered and took joy in what happened to me this week, which says all you need to know about them as people.)

But I just liked the Quick Hits because they were a relatively quick and easy way to make sure there was some kind of local commentary on Opinion pages on days when I didn’t have time to write something longer.

So, without further ado, here we go:

Quick Hit: Andrew Breitbart is dead; leave him alone

Conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart often said and did things in ways I try avoid — even when I agreed with him. But the death Thursday of the 43-year-old father of four is a good reminder to keep the highs and lows of our own lives in perspective. And those on the left who have celebrated upon hearing the news of his death are just as bad as they have said Breitbart was.

Quote of the day:

Good company and good discourse are the very sinews of virtue.  — Izaak Walton, English writer (1593-1683)

8 thoughts on “The return of The Quick Hit

  • Watched the Red Eye tribute to Breitbart – it would have been fun to have a few beers with him. Breibart was a master at taking the tactics of the Left and directing them back at the Left. That’s why there’s so much hatred from certain factions.

  • I am an ultral liberal read “yellow dog Democrat” and take no jooy in mr Breitbart’s death.

  • It’s sad that there are those people who delight in others’ misfortune. This says more about them than it ever will about you. I did snicker, however, that you used “nabob”. I will, for the rest of the day, be singing the Aladdin song, so thanks Chris :-l

  • I am glad to see the Quick Hit back. I enjoy the challenge, because I am one who struggles at making a point short. For the ” nattering nabobs of negativism” they must live a sorrowfull exsistence.

  • Chris, I enjoyed the Quick Hits. I have also enjoyed your new blog. Keep up the great writing and I look forward to reading more. ~Kathy J.

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