Better late than never

Donor Appreciation 1
Here I am, in my role as deputy director at Muscatine Center for Social Action, speaking Tuesday at the 2015 MCSA Donor Appreciation Open House.

Val Snow, a friend in North Dakota and longtime reader of the blog, is getting her wish today.

“Both @csteinbach and @BleednYankeeBlu post faster than I can keep up reading! I need a snowstorm to spend a day inside catching up,” she said Tuesday in a Tweet.

My advice, Val: Be careful for what you wish.

Yes, Val’s North Dakota friends and neighbors will laugh, but the forecast for our burg here on the Mississippi River calls for 3-5 inches of snow in the next 24 hours. At least for me, that qualifies as a snowstorm.

But that’s not why today’s post is later — and shorter — than normal. We had what appeared to be a pretty successful open house Tuesday at work. Everyone on the staff worked hard to make the event a success. A crowd of about 50 turned out for tours and a chance to learn more about MCSA.

Today, however, it was all I could do to drag myself out of bed to start the day. And I needed to start working early to finish my next big project, which has a looming deadline. So no blog post for today until my lunch break. And it’s a short one — both the lunch break and the blog post.

Hi, ho, hi, ho. Back to work, I go.

With any luck, this will give Val time to catch up. 🙂



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