Introducing a Muscatine community calendar

MUSCATINE, Iowa — Many times during my tenure as the newspaper guy, I met with people and groups who really wanted a comprehensive community calendar in Muscatine.

At various times, the Greater Muscatine Chamber of Commerce & Industry, the newspaper and other groups have tried to provide that calendar with varying degrees of success. It wasn’t something I pulled off well in my past life.

Well, I think I have figured out how to use this blog, Twitter, Facebook AND Pinterest to provide such a calendar, which I have set up here. There is also a link to it in the Community Events tab at the top of this blog’s home page.

If you are sending news releases about your meetings and events to the chamber, the newspaper and anywhere else in Muscatine, please send them to me also at and I will post them on this new calendar. Make sure to attach a photo or piece of art that I can use with your item.

If you find events on other websites that you would like to pin to this new calendar, send me an email or contact me on Twitter @csteinbach and I will give you permission to do so.

Please share this information with other groups and people in Muscatine so this calendar will grow.

I’m still learning to be a blogger and there is much I don’t know about Pinterest. But this has some potential, I think.

Contact me at or on Twitter @CSteinbach.

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