More news — especially for those who read the obits

MUSCATINE, Iowa — For a few moments, let’s discuss obituaries.

In case you didn’t already know, obituaries are often:

1. Among the most-read stories on just about every newspaper website.

2. Published as paid content in most newspapers, which get a pretty good chunk of revenue for publishing this information.

But what I’m wondering is: Unless your family wants to have an actual clipping out of a newspaper as a keepsake, why pay to publish an obit in a newspaper?

Just about every funeral home publishes obits on its website these days. Granted those sites don’t drive nearly as much traffic as a newspaper website.

But this is just one of the many instances where social media will only continue to threaten newspapers. Using Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest — you probably have figured out where I’m headed with this — family members can spread the word about the death of a loved one, when and where the funeral will be held and how to make donations to a memorial.

I’m here to help those who aren’t comfortable using social media. I’ve set up a Pinterest board where I will link each day to the obituaries published by area funeral homes on their websites. You can find a permanent link to this site at the Community News and Events tab at the top of the blog’s home page. I’ll also try to include a link to it in whatever else I post every day.

Have a question or feedback? Post it here or contact me at or on Twitter @CSteinbach

Quote of the day: There is no substitute for hard work. — Thomas A. Edison, American inventor (1847-1931)


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