Where I’ve been …

Sometimes it’s good to just get outside — especially when it’s 80 degrees in March in eastern Iowa and I don’t have to be inside.

So, instead of blogging in the past 24 hours, I’ve spent some time at Wildcat Den State Park, which is in between Muscatine and Davenport. It just seemed like a good place to go and I didn’t feel like being around a lot of people.

Also heard today from an old college friend. I never realized before that he had been fired once in his career since our days together at good, old Morningside College.

You will have good and bad days, he told me. His advice: Keep a positive attitude and also keep a journal of my experiences. “I wish I had done that,” he said of writing it all down.

His advice was similar to that offered by another old friend yesterday. Probably because they’re both Republicans — and maybe because they’ve both lost jobs. (And let me just say, for a guy who is often viewed as being liberal, I sure seem to have a lot of conservative friends. This could mean I’m not as liberal as some folks think, but I digress.)

Anyway, a blog is sort a modern-day journal, I guess. I’d like for this blog to consist of more than just journal entries. But I’ll write them when it feels as if I have something to say. I just haven’t felt very talkative the past few days.

Thanks to old buddies Dennis and Bill for reaching out. It was good to speak with both of them.

Today’s quote: Nature, like man, sometimes weeps from gladness. — Benjamin Disraeli, British statesman (1804-1881)

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