Nutrition Club opens up in former Muscatine bar location

Holly Channon opened Simple Solutions Nutrition Club Tuesday at 201 W. Second St.

MUSCATINE, Iowa — Holly Channon didn’t sit around feeling sorry for herself after losing her job in December at a state Workforce Development Office in Davenport, where she counseled unemployed Iowans.

Since January, she has been working on Simple Solutions Nutrition Club, which she opened Tuesday at 201 W. Second St. in what used to be a bar. Walk in now, however, and Channon, 39, will likely serve up a shot of aloe, a nutrition shake and a cup of tea — all for $6.

“I had been going to the club in Davenport and I loved the product,” she said when asked why she started the business. She had to do something after losing her job because she lacked enough seniority as a state employee to hang on when Workforce Development offices statewide were closed and consolidated.

For now, she is the only employee in the shop, which will be open from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. on weekdays.  On her first day in business, Channon served mostly friends and other downtown business owners. “I walked around downtown last week and handed out cards to get free samples,” she said.

One of those samples, a 16-ounce Butterfinger-flavored shake packed 24-grams of protein in its 250 calories. Channon said the accompanying shot of aloe is meant to help with digestion. And the tea — which is served hot or cold in four flavors: lemon, original, raspberry and peach — is meant to give an energy boost and burn 80 calories while you drink it.

The products are made and sold by Herbalife, for which Channon is a distributor. Customers may buy the products to take home and make themselves, she said.

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