Another great Sunday to ride a bike

ImageA dozen or so members of the Melon City Bike Club rode at least 35 miles today to Buffalo Prairie, Ill., and back in what we call the Illinois Alps — one of the few places around here where there are multiple hills. Some in the group rode closer to 50 miles.

And, yes, I know my friends out West will laugh at what we consider hills.

In Buffalo Prairie, some of the group stopped for pie at Prairie Creek Market & Deli.I did not eat any pie even though this pictures makes it look as if I did.

It was a great day to ride. I even enjoyed the hills. Today brought my total to 236 miles for the month of March. Pretty sure I’ve never ridden so many miles before in March.

Worth noting: I stole this photo from a friend’s Facebook page because other friends in the picture think I am too addicted to my iPhone.  So I left it where I couldn’t use it during the ride — no pictures, no calls, no text messages.

And don’t forget: RAGBRAI is only 117 days away.

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