Restaurants making changes in Muscatine

A bit of Mexico has come to Muscatine.

A new outdoor seating area looks nearly finished at La Guadalajara, 203 E. Second St. Staff say it should be open in a couple of weeks.

Of course, I’m not sure seats will be easy to get if this area becomes as popular as the rest of the restaurant is at noon (for the buffet) and on Tuesday nights (for $1 tacos) and Wednesday nights (for 99-cent margaritas.)

But it looks like it will be a great addition to downtown Muscatine. It also has a pretty good view of the Mississippi River.

Speaking of new additions downtown: I        hear Francesca Vitale’s quietly opened about a week ago at 128 E. Second St. Haven’t been there yet, but I’ve heard good things from friends.

This and that: One thing is for sure, if you want to build traffic on a blog,you have to post new stuff all of the time. Sorry for being a bit absent for the past few days.

I had a couple of meetings Tuesday in Davenport. And today I am going to West Liberty this afternoon and speaking at a class tonight at Muscatine Community College. Not sure if I’m making progress on the job front, but at least I’m keeping busy.

And I may not blog much the rest of the week. I actually have a couple of freelance writing assignments to get done this week.

Speaking of the job search: Today, I’m wondering if it’s a good sign to get a LinkedIn invitation from a business person I met with a week or so ago and haven’t heard from since. I’m going to view the glass as half full.

Quote of the day: To insure peace of mind ignore the rules and regulations. — George Ade, American playwright (1866-1944) Note: Not to sound too much like an old editor, but I think George probably said ensure.

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