Quick Hit: Tea tastes the same as always

This morning I woke up thinking about Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis. And Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., too, for that matter.

No, I didn’t awaken from a bad dream.

Rubio on Wednesday endorsed Mitt Romney’s GOP presidential campaign. Ryan is expected to make a similar endorsement today.

Both Rubio, 40, and Ryan, 42, have been described as darlings of the tea party, a political movement that is generally recognized as conservative and libertarian. When this movement gained prominence a few years ago, its many supporters demanded an end to the business-as-usual way government is conducted in Washington by Democrats and Republicans.

And that’s what led to the question I was asking this morning as I woke up: What could be more business as usual than endorsing Romney — not because he clearly shares your views, but only because he represents your party’s best chance to win?

If you really share the beliefs of the tea party and if your name is Marco Rubio or Paul Ryan, shouldn’t you endorse Rick Santorum or even Newt Gingrich?

Today’s quote: It takes a lot of things to prove you are smart, but only one thing to prove you are ignorant. — Don Herold, American writer (1889-1966)


4 thoughts on “Quick Hit: Tea tastes the same as always

  • If I had taken a few more minutes this morning, I could have shared some of the jokes I’ve seen on Twitter that comedian Steven Colbert has offered to help Romney seem less stiff. I especially liked this one:

    Knock. Knock.
    Who’s there?
    I don’t know because I have a butler who answers the door.

  • You Dems are so predictible.
    Instead of carping about the Tea Party, what about passing a budget? That’s right we can just print more $$$$$$$.

  • Marilyn, I like you and I’m glad you are reading. But it’s worth point out that I:
    A. Am not a registered Democrat.
    B. Wasn’t carping about the tea party. Instead, I was pointing out that if Rubio and Ryan were true to what they say they believe, they would not endorse Mitt Romney — not even in the halfhearted way they have.

    It seems likely that there must be tea party members out there who aren’t happy about this.

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