I’m starting a second blog that I hope to grow into a business. I hope some Brome Hill readers will be interested in this, too.

The Church of Cyclentology

Tonight I watched “The Real Dirt on Farmer John.”

It hit me on two levels:

1. The home movies of Illinois farmer John Peterson’s childhood in the 1950s looked a lot like my memories of growing up in southern Iowa in the early 1970s. And the rocky financial history of his farming career sounded pretty familiar, too.

2.But his success with his Angelic Organics Farm gives me hope that my dreams for this website aren’t crazy.

To make a long story short, he started Angelic Organics after going broke and losing all but 22 acres of the 370-acre farm that had been in his family for generations. He has since grown his farm into a Community Supported Agriculture venture that feeds organic produce to the families of more than 1,200 shareholders.

His success has prompted me to write about my dreams perhaps a little sooner than I had…

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  • Remember the phrase “blessing in disguise”. You’ve really hit on something here. You know I’m not a cyclist, but I think this could be huge for you. In February you were kind of pushed out of a moving car, and you’ve hit the ground running. Good luck with this

  • Thank you, Val. I hope you’re right. Frankly, I can’t think of anything better than doing this full time year round. Getting paid to go on bike rides and blog about it would be about as close to heaven on earth as I’m capable of imagining.

    The challenge, of course, is that I basically have no money to start this. But as a friend told me a week or so ago: Empires have been started with less.

    Guess we’ll see what happens.

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