Come back soon

There is much I’d like to say today, but I only have a few minutes before I have to go pick up my taxes and write a check. And let me just say, it doesn’t seem right for a guy who is out of work to have to pay more taxes — a rant maybe for another day.

After that, I have a Kiwanis board meeting at lunchtime and another meeting downtown after that. I’m starting to think I may actually be the busiest unemployed guy around.

But I’ve had a great morning and I’ll get back here later today.

4 thoughts on “Come back soon

  • My observation from long experience is that most folks who are busy at their “jobs” usually don’t realize—so probably don’t appreciate—the variety of useful busyness that’s available.

  • Hi Chris~ Love your blog. Good to see you at Crossfit this morning. Remember the WCFM motto, “Tada gan iarrcht,” means “Nothing worthwhile gained without effort.” That being the case, we should see great gains from today’s workout! =) Susan Garvin

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