Wrote this for my new blog, which I’d like all of you to follow, too. But this seemed like it my work at Brome Hill, too.

The Church of Cyclentology

In my past life, for those who don’t know, I worked 23 years as a newspaper reporter and editor.

One of the many sermons I preached to more young reporters and interns than I can count is that everyone has a story. You should be able to pick a name at random out of the phone book, spend some time with that person and his or her friends and family and tell a good story, I used to say.

Remembering that made me stop to think. Everyone has a story about how they became the bicyclist they are today. And, I’m sure, all of those stories are interesting. Maybe those stories could even become a regular feature on this blog.

How about it? Want to tell your story? If so, send me some details by email to churchofcyclentology@gmail.com, post a comment here or contact me via Twitter @cyclentology. I can…

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