A few words about the WOD

Two separate incidents this week point to what may be my evolving mindset.

No. 1: Thursday night, I sent a tweet to Jacob Garvin, who, along with his wife, Sarah, owns Warrior Crossfit Muscatine, a gym at 211 E. Second St. “What’s on tap tomorrow? No update on your blog yet,” the tweet said.

Jacob and Sarah Garvin

In the language of Crossfit, I was asking him about Friday’s WOD, or Workout of the Day. Asking about it seemed perfectly normal to me until I saw this video today. And then I watched this one, too. It wasn’t as good, but I laughed at the scene at 1:33, where the guy pauses in the shower and checks his iPhone to see if that day’s WOD has been posted. (And, no, I’m not that bad yet, but the potential is there.)

No. 2: I wasted too much time watching these videos on YouTube after a friend at the Muscatine Community Y teased me today about becoming obsessed with Crossfit. Have you seen “Shit Crossfit Girls Say,” she asked.

Of course, I hadn’t seen it, so I came home and watched it. But I liked the other videos better even though it was alarming to admit my friend is right. There is no other way to explain sending tweets to the gym owner, asking about the next day’s WOD. It’s kind of like joining a cult and I think I’ve become one of them.

So what was Friday’s WOD?

In Crossfit, it is known as Fran. It is a benchmark workout that consists of thrusters and pull ups done for time in three sets of 21, 15 and 9 repetitions.  I did it in 9 minutes with 65 pounds. (Really fit Crossfitters will use at least 95 pounds and can do this workout in less than 3 minutes.)

Then we finished up by doing sandbag get ups for 10 minutes. Using a 60-pound sandbag, I stood up 40 times. It wasn’t as easy as it might sound. It left me gasping anyway.

But this has been a good Friday. In addition to Fran, I taught a cycling class at the Y and attended a second cycling class. Not sure how I’ll find that much time to work out once I do finally get a job and go back to full-time employment.

Speaking of the job search: Next week could be big. It’s shaping up like this:

Tuesday — Early morning meeting that I hope may have career implications.

Wednesday — Volunteer committee meeting that could eventually have career implications.

Thursday — Morning meeting for a sizable volunteer project I’m going to tackle for the Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine; afternoon meeting for what could be a temporary full-time job for at least a month or two.

Friday — Meeting for project that I hope may lead to a possible job.

At least I’ll be busy. With some luck and perseverance, maybe something good will come from all of it.

Today’s quote: Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. — Theodore Roosevelt, American president (1858-1919)

One thought on “A few words about the WOD

  • “At least I’ll be busy. With some luck and perseverance, maybe something good will come from all of it.”

    Having had a somewhat parallel experience, I’ll just say it’s good to reach an age where it’s respectable to contemplate so-called retirement and act as though nothing had gone wrong. I’m still pursuing my own Great Expectations but now at an easier pace. That said, I really, really do hope one of your initiatives rewards your effort!


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