The Church of Cyclentology

My legs have decided to rest up in preparation for an expected argument tonight with my heart and brain.

My friends in the Melon City Bike Club and I are planning to ride tonight for dinner at Johnny B’s in Wapello. It should be instructional after our last group ride. For 21 miles Monday night, my legs argued with my heart and brain.

You see, for the first time I can remember, the friends I have been riding with for five years, dropped me. I could not keep up for the entire ride at the 20-plus mph pace they wanted to ride. And that set off the arguing:

Brain: Why are we going so slow? We always ride near the front of the pack.

Heart: Hey, I’m game. Don’t blame me. It’s not my fault.

Legs: We’re not going that fast tonight unless you fellas want to come down here…

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