Being busy leads to neglect at Brome Hill

If I didn’t know better, I might think Jacob and Sarah Garvin are trying to kill me with all of the thrusters we’ve done lately at Warrior Crossfit Muscatine.

Yikes. It’s June 10.

That means nothing has been posted here in nearly two weeks and the place is growing up in weeds. My apologies to those of you who have asked why nothing has been posted lately.

Who knows if anyone still will be out there, waiting to read what get’s posted here. Guess we’ll find out.

I have no excuse. If anything, blogging is kind of like going to the gym; once you miss a day or two, it becomes easy to miss a week. And the next thing you know, three months have passed. I’m trying to prevent that kind of lapse.

Speaking of going to the gym, that is one of the things that may have actually contributed to the recent neglect of Brome Hill. On Saturday, May 3, I did what Jacob and Sarah Garvin at Warrior Crossfit Muscatine called the Painstorm. This consisted of doing 500 thrusters. For those of you who never clink on links when they are provided (thruster, in the previous sentence), a thruster is a squat combined with a shoulder press.

For the Painstorm, I did 250 thrusters with a 45-pound barbell and 250 of them with a 25-pound barbell. It took me 75 minutes of sweat and effort to do it.  But it was worth it.

Since then, “500 thrusters,” has sort of become a catchphrase or punchline at the box, which is what real crossfitters call the gym.  Doing that workout was sort of like a rite of passage. Even some of my new friends, who are way better at crossfit than I am ever likely to become, steered clear of it. And later, I learned why: It left me unable — or unwilling — to do a lot of other things, including blogging, for at least three or four days. My legs have never been so sore.

You may be wondering: Why would anyone try to do 500 thrusters in the first place? I wanted to do it just to prove I could.

Sarah Garvin

A number of people have told me lately their knees would never stand up to doing squats and other exercises at WCFM. But I’ve reached the conclusion that our bodies are meant to do this stuff. Because of neglect, many of us get so that we cannot do them. This did not happen to any of us overnight and no can can improve overnight either. You start out doing what you can and keep working at it until you can do more and do it better. This is why my squats are better than they were a month ago,

In the middle of a painstorm.

but still are nowhere nearly as deep as the squats Sarah does.

Speaking of squats, for some reason, it seems as if every time I have been back to box since the Painstorm, we have done thrusters. I really think Jacob and Sarah are trying to kill me. (That’s sarcasm, folks.)

So that is Excuse No. 1.

Here is Excuse No. 2:  Some of the writing time that would normally go to Brome Hill was instead last week dedicated to finishing job applications. It couldn’t be helped. And this conflict will undoubtedly rear its head again in the future until I finally find a job.

Excuse No. 3: I’ve been kept busy learning new stuff and putting out a paper each week at the West Liberty Index, my interim job. It’s a little like blogging, but the pay is better — if only because there is some pay.

Excuse No. 4: I left at 5:30 a.m. Friday with biking buddies Charlie Harper, Chuck Vesey and Bob Hayes. We hooked up in Cedar Rapids with other riders for the last two days of the RAGBRAI pre-ride. We rode 43 miles to Anamosa and then 72 miles Saturday to Clinton. The ride both days was great.

It’s hard to believe RAGBRAI is only 41 days away.

That’s it for now. I’ll try to get back here tomorrow and the next day and the next day and so on.

Thanks for reading.

FROM THE LEFT: Bob Hayes, Chuck Vesey, Charlie Harper and me in Clinton on Saturday after wrapping up the last day days of the RAGBRAI pre-ride.

2 thoughts on “Being busy leads to neglect at Brome Hill

  • I was wondering where you were ! I was gonna complain to management. Oh wait, that’s you 🙂 Busy is good though!

  • I need to make sure that I write every day somewhere, or I go without weeks without writing. The important thing is to write something, even if it’s not an epic, lengthy post.

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