A good story about the power of Facebook and good people

Social media often gets a bad rap.

Everyone has heard the horror stories. If not, go here or here.

Ultimately, however, those are stories about people — and the cruel and uncaring ways they sometimes treat one another. They really aren’t horror stories about social media, which can also be used for good when put into the hands of good people.

Such is the case with the students at Mercer County High School in Aledo, Ill. Likes for Nathan was launched on Monday, Oct. 1, in an effort to raise money for Nathan Robertson, a Mercer County High School sophomore who is battling Burkett’s disease.

For every “Like” this page receives, the Student Council at Robertson’s high school and seven area businesses will donate $1 to the boy and his family. For anyone with ties to Muscatine who might not already know, Robertson’s grandparents are Charles Potter and Sally Potter.

As of this afternoon, more than 2,000 people had clicked “like” on this Facebook page. Please go and do it if you haven’t already.

The businesses that are participating in this effort include: Mercer Market, Stut’s Drug & Hallmark, McKnight Pharmacy, Wagner Pharmacy, Goldsmith Jewelers, 1st Community Bank and Midwest Bank of Western Illinois

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