Brome Hill Quick Hit: Why hasn’t ‘Lincoln’ come to Muscatine?

Lincoln-Movie-Poster-1536x2048_extra_bigAt this point, I’ve basically given up on “Lincoln” ever coming to Muscatine.

The Steven Spielberg movie, which was released in mid-November, will likely win a bunch of Oscars when the 85th Academy Awards are broadcast on Feb. 24.

Maybe by then Muscatine movie goers will have been able to watch it without having to drive to Iowa City or the Quad Cities. I’m hopeful that Fridley Theatres will bring the movie to the company’s new 10-plex Palms Theatre, which is supposed to open next month at 3480 Mulberry Ave.

I really want to see this movie.

2 thoughts on “Brome Hill Quick Hit: Why hasn’t ‘Lincoln’ come to Muscatine?

  • I have seen “Lincoln” and it is the best movie I have seen since “No Country for Old Men”. I saw it in Iowa City, and I have no hope of the movie coming to Muscatine. It seems Fridley would rather show the same kiddie movie on several screens in every possible format rather than bring in movies for adults.

    I saw “Dark Shadows” at the Muscatine Mall. I wore my work clothes because the place is always dirty. I only go to the Muscatine theaters if weather is an issue or I am totally bored. I wouldn’t take a date to a movie at the Mall. I doubt a new building will make the management any better. West Liberty has a fine theater, and Sycamore Mall isn’t all that far to drive.

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