Some thinking out loud

big gunSo, I’ve got my toe in virtual water and am thinking of changing the way I use social media. In fact, the changes are sort of taking shape in steps.

In a blog post 10 days ago, I threatened to step back some from Facebook. And then Adam Lanza burst on the scene at a school Friday morning in Connecticut, which really turned up the heat in what writer Charles Pierce calls Blogistan.

I couldn’t stay away. I posted one comment on my Facebook page that said: The AP says the shooting suspect in Connecticut used a .223 caliber rifle similar to this one. I really don’t care how many guns people legally own. But why does anyone need a gun like this?.

That post stirred enough of a discussion that it made me rethink walking away completely from Facebook. But that doesn’t change the fact that there are aspects of Facebook I’ve come to really dislike.

While all of this has been going on, WordPress has been making changes to its platform, adding a number of new features. Finally, I decided the other day to start learning how to use at least some of these features. Among other things I have:

  • Added the Ephemera feature in the left-hand column.
  • Started using Word Press formats for Status Updates, Quotes, Photos and what WordPress calls Asides, which I’m still a little unsure on how to use.
  • Linked what I post here to both by Facebook page and my Twitter feed. Doing that includes my Facebook friends and Twitter followers as Brome Hill subscribers.

What I think all of this will mean is that regular Brome Hill readers will begin to notice more frequent — and probably shorter — posts on this blog. And all of those posts will go to my Facebook page and Twitter feed. I’m going to try it this way instead of posting stuff directly to Facebook. And if I should feel the need to post something quickly, I’ll tweet it. My tweets also show up on Brome Hill and can go to my Facebook page if I want them to.

That’s a pretty dense paragraph. Even I’m not sure exactly what it all means. But it’s what I’ve decided to try for now. Stay tuned. In a week, I could change my mind again.

As always, thanks for reading, regardless of how you got here.

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