Give me an ‘A’

MCSA IIThis post is the result of a perfect storm whose conditions include my:

  • Needing to blog about something.
  • Being asked today by a friend on Facebook: Did you find your ‘A’ yet?
  • Getting heckled over the weekend about the missing ‘A’ on the southeast side of the MCSA building at 312 Iowa Ave.

For those who don’t know, here is what the folks in my former profession would call the nut graph: Since 1991, MCSA — or the Muscatine Center for Social Action — has been the homeless shelter in Muscatine, Iowa.  As of today, it is home to 49 adults and 10 children. It’s where I have been deputy director since late October.

MCSA ISome people may have wondered about the nonprofit shelter’s name if they approached the building from the south. That’s because the ‘A’ on that side of the building is missing. It fell off two or three weeks ago and shattered into several pieces. The matching sign on the north side of the building remains in place and intact.

Building coordinator Tom Curry picked up the pieces and has ordered a replacement ‘A’ from the business that installed the signs a couple of years ago. The missing ‘A’ will be reinstalled as soon as possible.

And that means there is no truth to what I was jokingly (at least I think it was meant as a joke) asked this weekend: So when is the ‘M’ going to fall off so that you’ll just have your initials on the side of the building?

As comedian Dana Carvey might have said while doing his imitation of the first President George Bush: Not gonna happen. Wouldn’t be prudent.

With any luck, we will have the sign fixed very soon.

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