Finding Brome Hill 2

pilates-exercises-shoulder-I’ve become interested in the Internet search-engine words people use only to find themselves at this blog. My favorite today: Pilates positions.

Pat Church
Pat Church

If Pat Church happens to see this, I could be in trouble. But not to worry, I’m going to use it as inspiration to return sometime this year to her Pilates classes at the Muscatine Community Y.

I promise.

And there is a runner-up today in the search-engine derby. Someone landed at this blog after using the Google machine to look for George Cuddy, a bicycling buddy and man about Boston.

George Cuddy
George Cuddy

Cuddy, if you happen to read this, my guess is you are being stalked by your spinning room crush. Your best route for escape is to return this year for RAGBRAI.

One thought on “Finding Brome Hill 2

  • I did a post last year on strange search terms (“Look what the cat dragged in”). Start saving the unusual ones now, if you’re so inclined, because over time WordPress drops the nonsensical, misspelled, etc.

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