It’s Monday so tie one on


Welcome to a windy and cold Monday in Muscatine, where it’s 5 degrees as I write this.

I summoned memories of this movie scene at 4:45 a.m. when I climbed out of a warm bed to head for the Muscatine Community Y. It must have helped because  I made it to the gym this morning.

I took a few days off from blogging, so hopefully some of you are still out there and will read this today. Last week, I vowed to wear neckties to work on Monday. So, today after working out, I put on a pink shirt and a red, white and black Jerry Garcia tie.

spongeOf course, that prompted plenty of ribbing in the locker room. Among other things, someone said it was bad enough when I started using a sponge like this in the shower. But that the pink shirt was a little too over the top. In other words, as one of them said last week about someone else, I “might have too much sugar in my tank.”

The comments, it’s worth pointing out, came from guys who had just finished running on treadmills — maybe the most boring form of exercise ever invented. But I had just finished leading a workout class attended by 13 attractive women and one other guy. And they could laugh at my pink shirt all they wanted.

I’m going to cut this short for now. Maybe I’ll blog some more later today. Have a good Monday — Inauguration Day in Washington and Martin Luther King Jr. Day nationwide.

Today’s inspiration: This is making the rounds on Facebook and it seemed worth sharing here.


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