A Blue Zones spot in the making

Dennis Tripp

Dennis Tripp, who works at Stanley Consultants in Muscatine, walked the block on his lunch hour from his office at 225 Iowa Ave. to MCSA at 312 Iowa Ave. in order to walk laps in the shelter’s gym. It was 43 degrees at the time, so he could have walked outside if he had wanted. But, I guess, he likes to walk in shirtsleeves.

Tripp, 65, suffered a heart attack about two years ago and has been a regular lunch-hour walker in the past at the MCSA gym. He returned Wednesday because he is trying to get walking reestablished as part of his daily routine, Tripp said. He walked for 30 minutes. I joined him for the last 15 minutes and we were walking fast enough I worked up a bit of a sweat.

This is something I’m thinking I should do every day. I blogged last week about working harder to improve my diet. The worst times for me to eat things I shouldn’t, I wrote, are between 3-4 p.m. and 8-10 p.m. Walking 15 minutes in the gym at 3 p.m. would be a much better way to bust out of a mid-afternoon slump. So that’s what I’m going to try next time instead of looking for a snack. Who knows? Maybe I can talk some of my colleagues or a few of the residents into joining me.

For that matter, I bet Dennis would welcome some company over the lunch hour if anyone wants to go for a walk in the MCSA gym. Doing so would fit in well with efforts that are beginning locally to fully implement Muscatine’s Blue Zones status.

One thought on “A Blue Zones spot in the making

  • This blog reminded me of Mark, who has joined a buddy at work walking over lunch hour. I told him he should comment regarding his attempt at a new noon hour routine. He said he wants to do it a few more weeks to make sure it’s going to stick. I told Nancy we should join the poor guy over lunch hour to give him some company.

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