Moving one day closer to spring

IMG_1444Valentine’s Day is done when you have to roll out of a warm bed early enough the next morning to fill in at work at 4:00 for someone who called in sick.

That’s me this morning. To make it worse, the thermometer in my car said it’s 4 degrees in my still mostly asleep small town. The sign at Community Bank on my way to work said it’s 2 degrees. The Weather Channel is splitting the difference.

And to really make things even worse, I stopped to buy a really large cup of coffee at the convenience store I drive by every day only to discover I had left the house without my wallet. I was able to put off my need for caffeine long enough to brew a pot after I arrived at work.

I’m here until 8:00. Let’s get this Day after Valentine’s Day Party started. If nothing else, it gets us one day closer to spring.


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