Friday fun and a few thoughts

Bread doughA picture, according to the old cliché, is worth 1,000 words.

Don’t worry, far fewer than 1,000 words accompany this photo. I shot it Thursday because, I guess, a part of me always will be a 13-year-old boy. And the image made me giggle — if giggle is the right word.

I thought of posting it to my Facebook page with the admonition: Keep yer minds out of the gutter.

In fact, I posted it briefly and then removed it. But I kept thinking about it. Maybe the fact that part of me is an aging and overgrown teenage boy is the only take away from this photo.

The greater lesson, I think, may be that you can’t judge a book by its cover — or, in this case, a photo by the first impression it leaves. This is, after all, merely a photo of two rising loaves of bread dough. It just looks like something else.

And how often could we say the same thing about the new people and situations we encounter? Often, things are not as they seem, first impressions are wrong and we are quick to jump to conclusions. It’s embarrassing to admit how often I make these mistakes.

That’s enough deep thinking for the end of a hectic week.

To wrap this up, let’s give the reins back to my inner 13-year-old boy and end with a joke — one that is somewhat related to my first impression of today’s photo:

A woman walks into a restaurant and takes a seat. As she bends down to reach into her purse for her wallet, she farts loudly, with the waiter right behind her.

Shocked, she sits up abruptly, glares at the waiter and shouts: “Stop that!”

To which the waiter replies: “Sure, which way did it go?”

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