A few words about 300 words


What follows here tonight has absolutely nothing to do with the movie 300, its star, Gerard Butler, or his abs. If,  however, you’re into those things, thanks for stopping by.

It dawned on me that I was about 300 words shy of writing 3,000 words in the hours this week after work each night. I’ve been pounding  the keyboard so hard and so often it has almost sounded as if there is an echo of computer keys in my lowly basement apartment, which is also known by its superhero name, The Man Cave.

By the time I finish tonight, I will have topped 3,000 words.

A longtime — and, as of yet, unmet — goal for this blog has been to develop the discipline to write 300 to 500 words every day. My thinking was that by creating such a habit, I might be able to someday write a book at night while working during the day to keep a roof over my head. A writer friend told me a long time ago if I could do it, I’d have a book at the end of a year. I’m still trying.

I’m also trying to be more like another friend, who is a better writer than I am. For sure, he is also more productive than I am. I think he has written something like 12 novels in the basement office of his home. (I’d hate him if he weren’t such a good guy!)

But it’s been a good week for the blog — a fact noted by at least one Facebook friend, who commented favorably on my current writing streak. As I told her, the burst of writing is mostly because I’m sitting alone in a basement apartment, it’s cold, dark and wet outside and there are 57 channels and nothing on. What else have I got to do?

And that, my friends, puts me over 300 words tonight and 3,000 for the week, thanks to some help from The Boss. And Gerard Butler.

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