Life is good

Facebook for some time now has offered a place where users can write a short introduction about themselves on their homepages.

For whatever reason, I decided to fill it out today. After giving it some thought, I wrote: Husband, stepfather, son, brother, Iowan, Duhawk, writer, bicyclist, Christ follower, lucky guy.

Ten ways of describing myself — at least four that I would not have been able to use eight years ago when I started periodically posting items on this blog. So I decided to share them here. I’ve not been a regular blogger for a while, but if you used to be a regular reader back when I wrote more often, you know there were a few tough years. Job loss. A job search that seemed lengthy to me. A change in careers. A divorce that I’ve not written much about in the past and don’t plan to now.

I’d rather look forward — to the lives my family and I are building in a new place, the new friends we will make, the new adventures we will experience.

For now, all that needs to be said is: I’m a lucky guy. Life is good.


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